Welcome to the About Us Orientation Session

Thanks for your interest in Damascus Road Community Church.  This program will help you find out a little bit more about this church and is the orientation for those of you planning to attend our Membership class.  The followingtraining module contains information about who we are, what we believe, and an introduction to the staff and ministries in a self-paced format.  You decide which order to view the modules and how much time and study you want to put in.  Our Senior Pastor will be teaching from our basic beliefs in the membership  class, and asks that you have already done your reflective homework on the questions in our Core Value section.  To begin the On-line Orientation Session just click the 'Start the On-line Orientation Session' button below.

Or, if you prefer you can print this information out and read through it without having to sit at your computer. Just click the 'Print Orientation' button below to generate a printable version of the online training.

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