Focus on 5

All of us are busy - many of us on overload. Yet we want our life to make sense. We want to prioritize and simplify, focusing on what's really important, to be fully devoted followers of Christ. We desire healthier lives with more joy, purpose and impact for God. Here are five action steps from His Word that, if founded on God's grace in Jesus, build such a life.


Read Your Bible and Pray
Gather fresh Manna daily: Dialogue with God through reading the Bible as Christ's living word to you, then respond to Him in prayer.


Have a Friend, Be a Friend
Enjoy community: Help create it. Prioritize time to develop relationships within the congregation. Only in community do you become the person God intends you to be.


Help someone in the name of Jesus. Join a ministry team that commits time and energy to being the heart, hands and feet of Jesus in service. It changes your heart.


Invite and Invest
Share your life in Christ with a seeker friend. People on the God-hunt aren't looking for perfect people, but for honest, vulnerable friends who have meaning in life.

Do the Next Right

Do the Next Right Thing
Availability to God's Spirit: that's the key. Live with an open heart to God's leading. Daily say: "Speak, LORD, your servant is listening" 1 Samuel 3:9. Then follow Him.

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