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Waterboyz Men's Advance

Date: Friday, Mar 15, 2013
Time: 4:00 PM-4:00 PMService Times - 11:00
Location: Skycroft Conference Center, 9621 Frostown Road, Middletown, MD 21769-9610
Speaker/Coordinator: Richard Fredericks
Event Details:

“Moving from Darkness to Light”

 Waterboyz 2013 Men’s Advance

4pm Friday, March 15th  


4pm Saturday, March 16th

Skycroft Conference Center, 9621 Frostown Road, Middletown, MD 21769-9610

What is really going on in this world of ours?  Why have I been facing so many personal challenges?   How does God want me to respond to trials?  What’s the next assignment that God has for me?

Whether you are new to your faith, or have been walking with God for a while, come to this year’s Advance to get a fresh perspective on these questions and more.  

It’s clear from God’s word that life, even for believers, will not be easy.  But we can be crystal clear on the fact that God has not abandoned His people, He cares about what’s happening in this world and in our lives, and there will come a day when He will make “all things new” including the complete restoration of His people.  But until that day, how are we to live? 

Don’t miss this year’s Advance!  God is preparing to do something powerful and the best way to experience that is to show up and be there on March 15th and 16th!  Those who come will indeed not be the same when they return.  It’s time to push back the darkness.  It’s time to put on the full armor of God!

 “Submit yourselves, then, to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."  James 4:7


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