Children's Ministry - I'm Divin' In!

Our Curriculum

Stable Beginnings

Diving into… Feeling God's Love

At Damascus Road Community Church , we are committed to loving your babies so you, the parent, can feel good about going to church and being spiritually fed. All children have an I.D # so parents can be notified if they are needed. You have the option of telling us to notify you immediately if your baby cries, ask us to soothe the child for you, or keep the baby so you can have a break. We will hold, rock and play with your baby until you return. Our goal is for you and your child to feel God's love when  you are with us.

Little Lambs

Diving into… Experiencing God's Love

Toddlers are in constant motion. We celebrate this time in their lives by interacting and playing with them. We offer short bible stories or a short time of group play for those interested. It is important to experience laughter, fun, and songs together to build a happy memory of going to church. We are dedicated to helping your toddler experience God's love thru our loving interaction with your child.

Jesus And Me (JAM)

Diving into… Believing God's Love

Starting at age 3, your child will experience a fun and creative classroom situation that is based on a biblical, hands-on approach to learning. Your child will begin to believe and trust in God's love thru the use of stories, bible lessons, puppets, songs, crafts and games. Children will begin to understand that Jesus is their best friend.


Wild Kingdom I

Diving into… Trusting God's Love

Your child will experience God's love each week by experiencing both large and small group activities. We will engage their wiggles and creativity each week with either a time of singing and dancing or with a team game so they learn to work together with their friends. We want your child to become a spiritual champion. They will be taught about their relationship with God in creative, fun ways. Life lessons will be about trusting the God who dreamed of them from the beginning of eternity.

Wild Kingdom II

Diving into… Reacting to God's Love

Your 2 nd/3 rd grader will react to God's love each week by experiencing a large group lesson followed by an application time in a small group situation. Each week we will incorporate either an awesome praise time where your child will sing and dance their way into God's presence or a group game time to promote friendships. We want your child to apply the bible to their own lives. We'll pull out all the stops to make this the best hour of your child's week!


Diving into… Sharing God's Love

Our older students are encouraged to make strong friendships through group interaction. We will encourage them to discover and develop their God-given talents and then help them take it out of a church setting to impact their home, school and community. Group activities are designed to be both fun and relevant to the student's lives. We're always looking for new ways to connect with your child.  We are a "custom built" ministry designed to serve the changing needs of the older elementary child.

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