Central America Missions

Central America Missions

The  first Damascus Road sponsored  trip was to Honduras in April, 1998 when Pastor Roger Record led a team of 5 teens and 5 adults on an exploration trip to Santa Barbara where he had helped build an orphanage a few years earlier. Teams of ever-growing numbers of missionaries have been going to Honduras annually ever since. We currently run a NxtGen (youth) trip and a Collegiate-Adult trip each summer. 

Current Ministries in Central America

Copan Ruinas, Honduras
We have built a sister-church partnership with the Church in Christ in Copan Ruinas led by Pastor Motiño. Building a strong relationship with a like-minded church in another culture has allowed us to go deeper than we ever imagined possible both in how we can serve our Honduran friends and in how they have changed how we see the world.
We continue to expand our work with our sister church in Copan by going out into the surrounding communities and up into the mountains. We planted a new church in the mountain village of Las Mesas where we own a coffee processing plant that serves local farmers, built schools, and took on water purification projects that improved conditions for hundreds of families.
Santa Barbara, Honduras
In Santa Barbara we have extended our ministries beyond the initial orphanage where we started. We now have construction projects and offer medical clinics in a men’s prison. In the surrounding countryside, we take medical clinics by horseback or on foot into remote mountain villages.  We are forming relationships with local leaders to tackle more urgent community needs.
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
We have joined hands with Orphan Helpers in San Pedro Sula to share the love of Jesus with children and youth in government-operated facilities who were orphaned, abandoned, abused, or detained for committing a crime.  

In July of 2012 we ran our first teen trip to Nicaragua.  We have begun to form partnerships with Christian leaders in the community.  Some unique projects we worked on included building water filters and feeding people who live at a landfill.

Everywhere we go, we:
  • Pray with and for those we serve.
  • Feed hungry children.
  • Offer a ride to the stranger walking along the road.
  • Share clothing donated by Damascus Road small groups and members.
  • Provide medical treatment to the sick.
  • Witness to those in prison.
  • Befriend orphans.
  • Construct shelter for the homeless and repair/enlarge homes where shelter is inadequate.
  • Start micro-businesses to provide income for families.
  • Share the gospel through music, drama, crafts and games.


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