India Missions

India Missions

In the Fall of 2007, our church sent out a small team to India commissioning them to take the Gospel of Jesus and impact the lives of children and adults halfway around the world. The team included Paul Foss, Paul Henning, Paul Ramsey, Greg Lueck, and Rajendra Pillai.

They heard the call…

…and obeyed.

As a result:

  1. 76 micro-businesses were started among poor women in Calcutta
  2. 30 rickshaw pullers now have hope of a job through a micro-business
  3. 100 mostly homeless kids will be able to go to school
  4. 470 orphans will have a roof over their heads, food to eat, and will hear about Jesus every day
  5. 800 square-foot new building for little orphan girls dedicated by the WaterBoyz
  6. A 7000 square-foot brand new “Dream Center” is being built among a wild unreached tribe
  7. 100 lepers despised by their community will have an acre of land created as a haven for them.

Thousands of hugs were exchanged, hearts were touched, and two cultures were brought together under the umbrella of the outrageous love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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