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And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it ALL IN the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Colossians 3:17

About the ALL IN Generosity Journey


The ALL IN generosity journey launched in December 2018 with the intent to:


  • Increase capacity by meeting the physical needs of our growing campus.


  • Engage the community by creating a venue for engagement through the week and expand our impact through local missions and partnerships to bring the hope of Christ to the under-resourced.


  • Fuel outreach by investing in our current partnerships with our mission partners around the world and preparing for a second campus to reach local neighborhoods.


In two years, through an unprecedented world-wide pandemic, God and His people remained faithful, and we achieved 99% the two-year goal of $11.5M.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given locally and globally to meet immediate needs. Though the world has changed greatly in two years, and our needs and challenges may look different, the mission is still the same: to proclaim Christ and present everyone mature in Him (Colossians 1:28-29) using ministry methods and approaches adapted to an ever-changing world.

So, we’re prayerfully seeking God’s direction in this new season and are excited for what lies ahead! Together, we’re ALL IN!


Imagine the possibilities!

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ALL IN Updates

Frequently Asked Question

What about the building project?

The ALL IN vision has always been about reaching people for Jesus. Our mission, vision and values remain unchanged but our methods and approaches must adapt to an ever-changing world. Our leadership circles (elders, trustees, staff) have been praying intentionally for God’s clear direction over the past few months, beginning back in February when we met daily to read through the book of Acts and pray.

The building project (800 seat auditorium, classrooms, parking) was a big part of the original ALL IN plan, in addition to a second campus and fueling local/global missions.

Just a few weeks ago we received updated bids on the building project. The project costs have skyrocketed and would mean taking on a $2M higher mortgage than originally anticipated. These costs can’t be guaranteed by contractors given the volatile environment. Our mortgage would increase five-fold and this is debt that would hamstring ministry. In addition, in-person gathering behaviors have been significantly impacted by COVID and the long-term impact is uncertain. Given all this, our leadership circles have decided that constructing an 800 seat auditorium isn’t the optimal way to move forward and therefore have made the decision to not pursue the building project as originally planned.

What about the building site plans?

The building site plans expire in February 2022 and required a vertical structure coming from the ground in advance of that date in order to keep the site plans active. We are allowing the site plans to expire given our new direction. If we leveraged the designs in the future it would require going through the process to obtain county approvals and permitting.

Does this mean we’re shifting our focus to off campus development?

The ALL IN planning process will emphasize three priority areas:

1) drawing the community to campus,

2) bringing the Church to the community, and

3) making needed investments in the current facility.

We are committed to serving the growing, four county region.

We have approximately $4M that will be spread across these priority areas. The solutions and investment amounts will be determined through a prayerful planning process taking place over the next few months. We are committed to making necessary investments on our current campus in order to best meet the needs of our community. In addition, launching a second campus location to reach this growing region has always been part of our ALL IN vision and will remain a critical component.

Where do we go from here?

We recently have hired a consultant who is working with other churches across the country on strategic planning considering the impact of COVID. We have a core planning team driving forward the process and the ultimate proposal will be subject to Elder and Trustee approval.

The goal is to have a proposal to the Elders by end of year with an implementation plan by spring of 2022. We will provide regular updates on this website. Questions or ideas can be sent to .

What options are on the table?

At this point, everything is on the table. We continue to remain committed to preparing our current campus to reach the community as well as launching a second campus. Our leaders are praying and meeting with the consultant to determine next steps. We want to continue to do anything we can to reach a hurting and divided world. This region and world need the hope of Christ like never before!

What about a second campus location?

The original ALL IN vision included launching a second campus location where people can gather closer to their neighborhoods as a way to reach this growing region. The location and timing have not yet been determined.

What is a microsite?

A microsite is a neighborhood-based site to gather, watch the worship service, build relationships and experience community in a smaller setting. These are gatherings of 20-30 people max. We will be launching our first venue in the Westview Frederick area this fall. We will see what we learn and determine how best to move forward with other microsite locations.

What about the housing development taking place locally?

A key driving factor of the ALL IN campaign in 2018 was the approximately fifteen thousand new homes being planned within a 10-15 mile radius, in addition to the fact we were getting close to launching a fourth weekend service due to explosive attendance growth. We continue to remain committed to being ready for all of our new neighbors. This is why we will continue to invest on our campus- this could include more classrooms and flexible space for smaller gathering venues. Micro-sites and a second campus location are also additional ways of reaching our local communities in smaller settings that foster neighboring relationships.

How have the ALL IN funds been used?

The two year ALL IN goal was to raise all the funds we would need for our two year annual budget and the originally planned building expansion. That goal was $11.5M- 99% of the goal has been raised! As planned, over $6M has fueled ministry both locally and globally over the past two years which has had a huge impact- 100+ faith professions, 50+ baptisms and thousands receiving food, shelter and clothing to address the impact of COVID. In addition, we constructed 60 new parking spots on campus and installed the outdoor venue. The remaining ~$4M has been earmarked and will be used for the new ALL IN plan and will be spread across the three priority areas: 1) drawing the community to campus, 2) bringing the Church to the community, 3) investing in the existing facility.