During times of joy or crisis, we in the DRCC community provide a network of care for one another.

Three Kinds of Care

  1. The first level of care is extended through your Small Group or through the Ministry/Volunteer Team on which you serve.
  2. When individual or family needs intensify, support is provided as needed by the second level, Congregational Care. To inquire about this level of support contact us through the Care Request button below. Depending on your need, our Care Team will link you to short-term care through our Volunteer Chaplains and related services. Or, they will link you to on-going care through our Stephen Ministry.
  3. The third level addresses those times in life when a severe situation occurs and only an Elder or Pastor can adequately fill the ministry care role. To inquire about this level of support contact us through the Care Request button below.


We belong to Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. And He invites us to belong to a community of faith. Whether a lifetime Christian, a new believer or just curious about the faith, you are welcome here at Damascus Road Community Church. Understand what we believe, who makes up our leadership team and the pathway to membership.


In a larger church it can be a challenge to feel personally connected. Allow us to help you. Whether searching for calendar information, a larger event in which to get a better taste of DRCC, a smaller group to be a part of, or personal care for the struggles and celebrations of life… this is a good place to start.


Grow in biblical knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Know what you believe and how to apply it to your everyday life. Sink deep roots into God’s Word through our ministries, classes or sermon library resources, and be better equipped to give an answer for your faith, discern truth and weather the storms of life.


As Christ gave his life for us, so also we give back to our local community of faith a portion of our time, talent and treasure. In so doing we release the grip of selfishness and idolatry in our lives. And our brothers and sisters receive the encouragement they need to carry on.


Beyond our home, school and workplace, Damascus Road Community Church offers opportunities to go near and far in sharing the Good News of Christ through tangible acts of service. Our missions’ teams partner with established churches and pastors to spread the Gospel, nurture long-term relationships and build sustainable solutions to address needs for today and into the future.