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A 40-Day Journey to Understanding the New Testament Story

This October and November, we will dive into the New Testament story and read it together in a fresh way. We will go through a new Bible experience called Immerse. The Immerse Bible is designed to help communities experience the Bible together in a unique and powerful way. We will read it each week, listen to the sermons, and gather in book club style discussion time in small groups where we can share what stands out to us, what seems confusing, and how what we read can change the way we live. These warm and inviting group experiences set the table for authentic community interaction around the text.

We invite you to get involved
in FOUR ways:



Created with the look and feel of a paperback book, and using an easy-to-read translation, it delivers Scripture as it was originally formatted: without chapter or verse breaks, making for an uninterrupted reading of God’s Word. You can pick up a copy of the Immerse Bible from our Resource Kiosk or purchase it for your device. If you want, you can also follow along the reading plan with your own Bible or a Bible App.  IMMERSE is also in Spanish.



There are two reading plans. One takes the reader through the entire New Testament (full version). It requires 20-30 minutes of reading per day. The second reading plan takes the reader through all the highlights of the New Testament and requires about 5 minutes a day. There is also a helpful resource called Family Guide which includes each day’s readings with discussion questions. You can download it here. The sermons will track each week’s readings.



Gather around with others on the journey and have a book club-style discussion on the weekly readings around four questions to get your conversations started. You can also use the discussion questions at the end of each day’s readings.

  • What stood out to you this week?

  • Was there anything confusing or troubling?

  • Did anything make you think differently about God?

  • How might this change the way we live?

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The Family Bible Reading Challenge will run from October 2 – November 20 and is designed for any family that has a student in 4th-12th grade.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign your family up today for the Reading Challenge using the button below.

  2. Download the Family Reading Guide: Messiah-Family-Guide.pdf (

  3. For 8 weeks from 10/2 – 11/20:

    • Take 10 minutes each day (5 days per week) to complete the daily reading and “Talking Together” time as a family

    • Watch the weekly Bible video at

  4. When finished with the whole challenge, fill out the Completion Form by November 30.

  5. Fun Family Prizes for those who finish…

    • Each 4th – 12th grader will win a free ticket to the Bible Museum in D.C.

    • Plus, each family will be entered into a drawing for a Family Night Out - dinner and dessert at your restaurant of choice!

Have younger children? Immerse Junior (download here) is a simplified reading plan that is loosely based on Immerse geared toward families with children Preschool-3rd grade. It is meant to help families get into the habit of diving into the Bible with your younger children. They are never too young to hear stories of the Bible and learn who Jesus is!  Learn more...

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