Our Mission Teams are Christ-centered,

culturally sensitive, receptor-focused, lead by
competent leadership, serving with humility,

working as a united team.





Come serve with us as we partner with local leaders in Santa Barbara, Honduras to share Jesus’ love with the community. Mission areas include: Create a place for school children to safely play (unskilled laborers wanted). Shop in markets and bring food and prayer to struggling families. Prepare and participate in a VBS fiesta for street orphans and provide crafts, clothing and food. Give your sweat and strength to help on local construction projects. Bless pastors and leaders with a day of encouragement and teaching. Spend time and give love to orphans and other children in the area. Visit the elderly in a local nursing home and bring ice-cream, music and games. Provide basic medical care to people without access to doctors (if medical personnel within team).

January 13-22, 2023




Missionaries from DRCC have been going to Germany to help lead Baseball Camps for Jesus since 2012. For the first three years the camps were held only in the city of Aurich, but a second camp was started in the city of Vechta in the summer of 2015.

Through our partnerships with the YMCA, Free Evangelical Church, Evangelical Free Baptist Church and the First United Methodist Church in Carrollton, TX, we reach over 100 at-risk youth each year, to bring healing from drugs, alcohol, depression, and suicide using the game of baseball to draw young people to camp, where we build relationships and earn the right to share the good news of Jesus.



Ashroi Leper Chapel, Calcutta, Puri, Lodha, Orissa

The prayer of Jesus was that we would pray for heaven to come down to earth and God’s will be done. So, we desire to bring the hope, love and joy of Jesus to every corner of the planet through Mission India, as with all our DRCC outreach efforts. We do this by working collaboratively with local leaders, building mutual trust and accountability and getting our hands dirty alongside our local partners.

south africa

Tugela Ferry, The Rock of Life Church, Khayelisha Care Center, Lobethal Independent School

Damascus Road Community Church began its partnership with the Tugela Ferry Mission of South Africa offering much needed prayer, friendship and resources under a spirit of servanthood and respect. The Mission includes the Rock of Life Church, the Khayelisha Care Centre, and the Lobethal Independent School.


It’s a small mission in terms of staff members and resources, but its influence is wide-spread throughout the region supporting the construction of school facilities and additional classrooms for the Lobethan Independent School, providing school supplies, teaching materials, professional training, tools and a feeding program for 20 children to receive daily food during school and more.


& Puerto rico


Johnstown is a Middle School mission that serves the people of Johnstown, Pennsylvania by doing yard work for shut-ins, provides Vacation Bible School for children, doing projects like painting, farm work and construction for the local community. We support local churches with the goal to amplify the impact of their current ministries. All of this we do to answer the call of Matthew 25 in the name of Jesus and for His glory.

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques, Puerto Rico, is still recovering from the devastation of hurricane Maria. When we are permitted to enter the country once again, we will join forces with our brothers and sisters at Fe Que Transforma (Faith That Transforms) to share hope and healing with the community of Vieques, Puerto Rico.  Due in part to the effects of Hurricane Maria and the recent earthquakes, the people of this island have experienced food shortages, lack of adequate medical care and fear of other natural disasters.  Our focus on this trip is to share the Gospel through uniquely tailored child and adult initiatives.  In particular, we will host a Resilience Camp that teaches children survival skills during a natural disaster while also introducing them to Jesus.  Classes will also be offered to help parents learn how to guide their children in challenging circumstances.


There is a significant elderly and invalid population on the island.  As a result, we are going to conduct caregiver training and a respite program.  In addition, we are building a playset for the children and expanding the food pantry storage.


We are looking for individuals who want to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.  Together we will worship, dig into scripture, pray and serve.  We are not looking for people with all the answers but for those who know their need and are willing to keep their hands, minds and hearts open to God's direction.

Roger Record

Missions Director

Robin Nicholson

Missions Coordinator