2022 Kids Bible Reading Challenge

Updated: Jan 6

At DRCC, our hope is to equip parents with fun resources to help their kids fall more in love with Jesus and His word. That’s exactly what the 2022 Kids Bible Reading Challenge is designed to do!

Here’s how it works:

1) Sign your K-5th grader up for the challenge by clicking here.

2) Create a free Superbook account @ https://us-en.superbook.cbn.com/ or download the Superbook app to access the free videos from Seasons 1-3.

3) From January – September (a total of 39 weeks), read through the weekly Bible passage with your child and then watch the corresponding Superbook video. Here’s what to do each week:

a. Have your child open up their bible and find the verses for the week.

b. Decide whether to read the passage in one sitting or to split it up into 2 or more days.

c. Take turns reading the verses with your child or read to them if they are not yet reading.

d. As you and your child are reading together, have your child write down at least one thought they have on one of the verses: something they learned, something that amazed them, OR a question they have.

e. Ask your child to share their thought with you. Optional: then consider recording a video of your child sharing their thought and upload it to DR Kids at Home (a private facebook group) OR email