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body of christ bible challenge

Instructions for Parents:

1. Complete the “Family Bible study” on the “Body of Christ Bible Challenge” (see below) with your K-5th grader(s).

2. Have your child memorize & recite the following verses to you based on their age. We recommend you use the NIV Bible.

3. Fill out the online completion form no later than Sunday, April 26th to certify that your child has completed this challenge. All students who complete this challenge will earn a gift card to Jimmie Cone for free ice cream!

4. NEW (optional): record your child memorizing their verses and post a video to the DRCC Kidventure At Home private facebook page.

Memory Verses:

4th & 5th Grade: Memorize & recite these verses from Romans for your parent/guardian – 12:5-8

2nd- 3rd Grade: Memorize & recite these verses from Romans for your parent/guardian – 12:4-6a

K-1st Grade: Memorize & recite these verses from Romans for your parent/guardian – 12:5-6a

Family Bible Study on the Body of Christ from Romans 12:3-8

Want a printer friendly version of the below bible study? Click here.


Start in prayer asking God to open up your heart & mind as you begin this Bible study.

After praying, share the following with your child(ren):

· The Bible lists 3 types of gifts that God gives to people. You might think of a gift as something you get for your birthday or Christmas. When the Bible describes gifts that God gives to people, it means a talent or ability that people have that comes directly from God. Think about what you are good at doing. Whether it’s helping people, dancing, running fast, or doing well at math, your talents and abilities all come from God.

· Every single person in the world is special because they were created by God. They are also special because they have gifts that God gave them to use for Him. Sometimes people will use their gifts in ways that honor God and sometimes they will use their gifts in selfish or mean ways.

· Stop and ask your child and yourself:

How are you (or how can you) use your gifts to honor or serve God? (share a personal example to get the conversation going)

· Briefly mention where in the Bible the three types of gifts are found:

5 Gifts from Ephesians 4:11-13

9 Gifts from 1 Corinthians 12:7-11

7 Gifts from Romans 12:6-8 (We will focus on the gifts from Romans for today’s Bible study.)

· Have everyone open up their bibles to Romans 12:3-8. (If possible, please use physical copies of the Bible rather than an electronic device. It’s a good habit for young children to open up a physical Bible and find the book, chapter and verse using the Table of Contents.)

· Read Romans 12:3-8 as a family (taking turns)

· Your child(ren) may have questions about some of the words used in these verses. Take time sharing the meaning of the verses:

Romans 12:3- Paul wrote the book of Romans. He is reminding Christians in Rome (and today) not to focus on themselves and to be humble. Being humble means not bragging, thinking of others first, and knowing that you are a sinner and that you need God

Romans 12:4-5- Paul is comparing our physical body to the body of Christ. The “body of Christ” is referring to the church. Paul is telling us in these verses that just like our own bodies are made up of different parts that do different things, the body of Christ is made up of different parts or members. Even though each member or person who follows Christ is different and may have different gifts, we all belong to the same body and are united in Christ. It’s important for us to work together in order for the church to truly follow the plans that God has for us!

Romans 12:6-8: Paul is reminding not only the Christians in Rome, but all Christians (even those alive today) that we all have a gift that has been given to us directly from God. Paul then shares examples of some of these gifts. Remember that other gifts are also mentioned in the Bible. The ones mentioned in Romans 12 are:

Prophesying- knowing and sharing the purpose, plan or truth of God with other people (a prophet in the bible was someone who was a messenger for God)




Contributing to the needs of others (giving)


Showing Mercy (which means being kind to people, even those who may not deserve it)

· Read Romans 12:3-8 one more time as a family (taking turns)

· Now that you explained the meaning of Romans 12:3-8 and have read these verses two times, take a moment to encourage your child by sharing an example of how you have seen them use one of the above gifts. Be specific.

· Share the following with your child….

As you continue to get older, you will discover new gifts that God has given you including ones you may not think that you have today.

Also, it’s important to know that God will often use people’s strengths as well as their weaknesses to do great things for Him. For example, Moses had a hard time speaking, but God used him and his brother Aaron to speak to Pharaoh and to the Israelites.

· Close your time by praying for your kids, seeing if they have any specific requests or needs.

Encourage your kids to start memorizing the verses for their age group to complete this bible challenge. And don’t forget to visit the Kidventure Korner blog to let us know when your child has completed this challenge (using the online completion form).

Questions about this challenge? Email childrensministry@damascus.com

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