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John 21 challenge - the last one!

Encourage your child to participate in this final bible challenge on the gospel of John!

Here's what you need to know about this challenge:


The Bible story in John 21 describes one of the several times that Jesus appeared to his disciples after he rose from the dead. John chapter 19 ends with Jesus being placed in a tomb or grave after he was killed on the cross. His disciples were very sad and thought that the death of Jesus was the end of the story. They loved Jesus so much and couldn’t believe that he was dead. However, they had no idea that what was about to happen would be the greatest miracle of all!

You can read about that greatest miracle in John chapter 20. Jesus, who was killed on the cross on a Friday, came back to life just two days later on a Sunday morning! Resurrection is a fancy word that means rising from the dead. Jesus conquered (or beat) death for us. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we no longer have to fear death. We no longer have to fear death because the resurrection of Jesus is a promise for all who follow Him that we too will be raised to new life after we die.

We see this promise stated by Jesus in John 6:40. In this verse, Jesus says, “For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.” You may be wondering what this verse means? Great question! The “last day” mentioned in this verse is referring to the day when Jesus will once again return to the earth. When he does, everyone who ever trusted in Jesus at any point in history will be raised from the dead and will enjoy new life with Jesus in heaven!

As you think about the death of Jesus, please remember that Jesus did not do anything wrong - in fact, he never sinned at all. Instead, he allowed himself to be arrested and killed on the cross because he knew that the only way for us to be forgiven of our sins was for him to die for us. When he died, he did so by carrying our sins to the cross. When he died, the power of sin in our lives died too! When we believe in Jesus and follow Him, we can be forgiven and someday be with Jesus in heaven!

As you read John 21, please remember that the resurrection of Jesus is good news not just for Jesus, but it’s good news for you! In this particular chapter, one of the things you will read about is Jesus' conversation with Peter. In that conversation, Jesus asked Peter 3 times if he loved him. This was important because in John chapter 18 we see that Peter denied knowing Jesus 3 times. Peter felt horrible about turning against Jesus, and by Jesus asking him 3 times if he loved him, he was giving Peter a second chance to come back to him. Remember, boys and girls, no matter what sin we commit, Jesus will always forgive us and welcome us back if we turn back to him.

2. Read John 21:1-25 to or with your child 3 times (ideally on 3 separate days). Repetition is key to learning and hearing from God!

3. Have your child write down 3 thoughts they have about John 21:1-25. Encourage them to focus their thoughts on things they learned, things that amazed them, or questions they have. An easy way to do this is to have them pick 3 verses and to share a different thought for each verse.

4. Record a video of your child sharing their 3 thoughts on John 21:1-25.*

5. Post the video of your child to the private facebook group, DRCC Kidventure At Home, no later than Tuesday, November 24th.

ALL students who complete this challenge will receive a special wooden cross necklace! ( a great reminder that Jesus died for our sins)

*NOTE: if your child is not comfortable with the idea of a video, consider these alternatives:

We will also count either of these options as him or her completing the challenge!

Questions? Email childrensministry@damascus.com

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