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psalm 103 challenge

Encourage your child to participate in the Psalm 103 Challenge!

Here's what you need to know....

Who is eligible? Primarily K-5th grade students, however, parents of older PreK students can opt to have their kids participate if they would like!

How can I help my child complete this Bible challenge?

  1. First, go through the Family Bible Study with your child. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a copy of the Bible study.

  2. Then have your child memorize & recite the following verses for you:

  • 4th and 5th graders: Psalm 103: 1-4, 8

  • 2nd and 3rd graders: Psalm 103: 1-3, 8

  • K/1st Grade (PreK can participate at parent discretion): Psalm 103: 1 and 8

3. Finally, let us know your child completed the Family Bible study & memorized their key

verses for you by filling out this online completion form.

Suggested Deadline for completing this challenge:

May 31, 2021 is the suggested deadline, but please let us know if you need more time. Not a problem! Just email childrensministry@damascus.com


  • Any child who completes this challenge will receive a surprise prize related to the book of Psalms!

  • In addition, any student who does ALL 6 of the Psalms bible challenges by June 30th will receive a special end of the year award or prize! Did you miss any of the previous challenges from the book of Psalms? No problem! You can do them anytime before June 30th by going to www.damascus.com/post/psalms-bible-challenges.

Optional video:

Parents/guardians, consider posting a video of your child memorizing their key verses in the "DR Kids at Home” facebook group. We'd love to see them, but please know that this is not required in order to complete this bible challenge!

Questions? Email childrensministry@damascus.com

Family Bible Study on Psalm 103: 1-8

When you are ready to do the Bible study with your child(ren), please begin with prayer.

Then have each member of your family open up their Bible to prepare to read Psalm 103:1-8. Prior to reading these verses, ask your child(ren) to pay close attention and listen well as the verses are being read out loud. The idea is for each member of your family to pick 2 things from these verses that they want to talk about - including you! The 2 things can include something that they learned, something that amazed them, or something they have a question about.

Read Psalm 103:1-8 with your child(ren) at least 2 times. Repetition is key to learning and hearing from God! Encourage them to read parts of it if they are able.

When you are done, have your child(ren) write down 2 thoughts they have about Psalm 103:1-8. (They can simply tell you their thoughts if they are not able to write them down.)

Remind them again to focus their thoughts on things they learned, things that amazed them, or questions they have. An easy way to do this is to have them pick 2 verses and to share a different thought for each verse. After they are done writing, have them share what they wrote. Be sure to do the same!

When you are done, ask your child(ren) if they have any other questions about Psalm 103:1-8.

Then close your time in prayer. Encourage each member of your family to pray if they are comfortable doing so.

Music video to watch together: after you are done praying, check out the "Praise the Lord O My Soul" music video, which focuses on Psalm 103:1-5. This will help the kids learn the verses as they listen!


THE NEXT BIBLE CHALLENGE: be sure to check out the DR Kids blog by June 1st for the next challenge in the Psalms Bible Challenge series!

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