Current Bible Challenge: 2019-2020

November 1, 2019


The “I AM” Bible Challenge #2!


Instructions for Parents:


1. Complete the “Family Bible study” on the “I AM” Bible challenge #2 (see below) with your K-5th grader(s).  This is the 2nd bible challenge of the year.  It is not necessary to have completed the first challenge in order to do this one.


2. Have your child memorize & recite the following verses to you based on their age.  We recommend you use the NIV Bible.


3. Fill out the online completion form no later than Sunday, November 24th to certify that your child has completed this challenge. Every student that completes this challenge will earn a free pass for ice skating at Skate Frederick!


Verses to Memorize:


4th & 5th Grade:   Memorize & recite these verses from John for your parent/guardian –

11:25, 14:6, 15:5


K - 3rd Grade:   Memorize & recite these verses from John for your parent or guardian --

11:25, 14:6



Family Bible Study on Jesus’ “I AM” statements: Statements 5-7 from John 11-15




Share the following with your child (Note: this first part will be repeating what you shared if you did the first bible study on the “I AM” statements.  That’s ok.  Repetition helps kids learn!  It is not necessary to complete the first bible study in order to do this one.  They are both stand alone bible studies.)


The book of John was written by John, who was one of Jesus’ 12 disciples.  The book of John is one of the four gospel books written about the life of Jesus.  The other gospels are Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  The word “gospel” means “good news” and John focuses his book on how Jesus came to save people from their sin.  That is good news for all of us because everyone sins and is in need of a Savior!  John is telling us very clearly that there is only one Savior: Jesus!


In the book of John, we read a lot about what Jesus said and did.  In fact, there are 7 things that Jesus said about himself in the book of John that start with the words “I am.”  Jesus chose these words on purpose because the words “I AM” were used to refer to God.  Check out John 8:58 where Jesus refers to himself as “I AM.” And check out Exodus 3:13-14 where Moses asks God for His name and God says “I AM.” 


This bible challenge focuses on the last 3 “I am” statements from Jesus in the book of John.  The last bible challenge focused on the first 4 “I am” statements.


Please read the following verses (and their meanings) to your children.  Stop after each one to see if they any questions.  Avoid the temptation to read this too fast.  Take your time and make it your own.  Try to engage your child in a conversation.  If they are able, encourage your kids to look up these verses in their own bible and read them to you.


1. Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die…”  John 11:25


Meaning: Jesus shared these words with Martha, the sister of Lazarus.  Lazarus had just died.  But he wasn’t going to stay dead.  Shortly after Jesus spoke these words, he brought Lazarus back to life!  Jesus was telling Martha (and us) that he alone has power over death.  Even though someday we will die, if we love Jesus and believe in Him, He will bring us back to life (just like He did for Lazarus).  When Jesus brings us back to life, we will get to live with Him forever in heaven!  That’s good news!


2. Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6


Meaning: In these verses, Jesus was telling his disciple Thomas (and us) that he is the only way to God and therefore the only way to get to heaven.  You will meet people in life who will tell you that Jesus was only a good person.  While it’s true that Jesus is a good person, he is much more than that!  He is the only way we can be saved from our sins!  He is the Son of God!  And He is God Himself!


3. “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  John 15:5


Meaning: Just like a branch cannot live if it is not connected to its tree, we will not be able to live forever if we do not stay connected to Jesus.  Jesus is also telling us in this verse that anything we do without Him will eventually go away.  It won’t last.  If we want to truly live our life for God, we must stay close to Jesus!  We can be close to Jesus by asking Him to forgive us for our sins, by reading the Bible, by praying, and by sharing God’s love with other people. 

After reading the three verses and their meanings, ask your child(ren):


  1. What do these verses tell us about Jesus?

  2. Name one person you know that does not know Jesus that you would like to pray for.


Then close your time in prayer for the people mentioned and encourage your child(ren) to look for ways to share the love of Jesus with them. 


Finally, encourage your kids to start memorizing the verses for their age group to complete this bible challenge. 


NEW THIS YEAR: In order for a student to successfully complete a Bible challenge, parents will need to fill out a simple online completion form for each challenge.




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