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He was there all along...

What word or idea do you most associate with the Old Testament?

Scary? Ancient? Violent? Exciting? Weird? Lots of laws? Puzzling? Jewish scripture? God's story? Don't know where to start?

The Old Testament is much longer and older than the New Testament. It has even more genres and authors and speaks from and to a wider variety of cultures and time periods.

This can make it challenging for modern readers.  

It’s also the Bible of Jesus and the New Testament authors. Jesus said it "testifies about me." And the New Testament authors all quote extensively from the Old Testament, grounding the story of Jesus and their new Christian faith in those ancient stories.

Join us as we begin a new series: Between the Lines, Jesus in the Old Testament where we'll learn to read Jesus’s Bible the way his followers learned to read it – the way Jesus taught them to read it – as a story that he was in from the beginning, that was always pointing to Him.  Join us!

Sundays, 9:30 & 11:15am
in-person & online


Let's explore together.

Weekly messages:

Week 1 - May 12

Jesus in the Book of Genesis

Week 2 - May 19

Jesus in the Book of Exodus

Week 3 - May 26

Jesus in the Book of Joshua

Week 4 - June 2

Jesus in the Book of Job

Week 5 - June 9

Jesus in the Book of Ruth

Week 6 - June 16

Jesus in 1st & 2nd Samuel

Week 7 - June 23

Jesus in the Book of Isaiah


Download the rack card to get started in your exploration of where Jesus was found "between the lines" in the Old Testament.

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