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Classes and workshops at Damascus Road Community Church are designed to help you grow. Whether you're looking for help in a practical area of your life, navigating a difficult season, seeking to learn more about God or the Bible, or pursuing new skills, you'll find insightful content and dedicated teachers that will equip you to do life better. 



2 parts:  Sun, June 6 & Sat, June 12 , 9am  |  online  |  free

New to Damascus Road?  FirstStep is your passport to begin your Damascus Road Journey; a must-attend first step for all.

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SAT, August 28 , 9am  |  online  |  free

New to Damascus Road?  FirstStep is your passport to begin your Damascus Road Journey; a must-attend first step for all.

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Mondays, 7pm  |  online  |  $45

Pure Desire groups for men are designed to provide a safe place to process the struggle with pornography, build a lifestyle of accountability, and find healing. We provide an effective, confidential system for building healthy mental and visual habits.


Affinity Groups (Clubs)

Clubs at Damascus Road Community Church is another great way to connect with others over a common interest.  Check out our current clubs.  Due to the COVID-19 virus restrictions, many of our affinity groups are either taking a break or meeting online.  Click Find Out More to inquire about the group's status.


Pathway recommendation:  exploring

Camera Club (Focal Point)

2nd Tuesday each month

Meet with other photography enthusiasts to learn photography skills and how to use those skills to benefit the body of Christ.

Hiking Club

3rd Sunday each month

Group of outdoor adventurists who gather together for opportunities to take in God's beautiful creation.

Mature Singles Lunch Club

1st Sunday each month

Meeting at area restaurants for food and fellowship after the 11am service.

Sewing Club for Missions / Days for Girls

We sew sustainable sanitary products for our mission teams to take on their trips. We are empowering women, which uplifts their community, as well as sharing the love of Jesus! There is a job for everyone. Sewing, cutting, sorting, ironing, data management, and supplying materials.

Morning Club

1st & 3rd Monday of every month | 9am-12pm

Call the main office (301-829-3722) for location.

Evening Club

3rd Monday of every month | 6-9pm

Call the main office (301-829-3722) for location.

Evening Sewing Club for Missions

Come make a difference in the lives of many needy people worldwide. When Damascus Road Community Church's missionaries travel to third world countries, they take along items that were sewn with loving care: quilts, little boys’ shorts, school bags, and more. Sew with us! Donations of material, thread and other items could be useful. 


The 2019-2020 season will be challenged with a new quilting project and everyone is invited to participate!  Non-sewers are welcomed to create, prepare, and assemble quilts.


3rd Friday of every month | 6-9pm

Location: Damascus Road Community Church

Sew for FMH

If you enjoy sewing, one thing you can do while you are self-isolating at home is sew face masks.

According to the Linus Project, FMH has approved these two cloth masks:  


When you have 10 or more completed, please email Sarah and arrange a pickup or delivery.

Elastic has been hard to find. We expect to have elastic to share next week. If you want to have some, contact Sheila.

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