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Who we are

Who we are.

Our backstory

Damascus Road started with approximately 20 adults who met together with open hearts as a Bible study group and called themselves the "Acts 29" group. There have been many twists and turns along the way and we know that there's much more ahead.  Learn more about the Damascus Road story...

What we stand for

Our beliefs are rooted in scripture, bound together with Christ's love for Him and His church. Damascus Road's Statement of Beliefs outline what we believe about God, Jesus, the Church, the Holy Spirit, and God's plan for us.  Learn more about what we believe and/or download our Statement of Beliefs.


To remain a healthy prevailing church, core values  define who we are as Christ’s followers and what we are about. Learn more and/or download our Core Values.

Where you fit in

The Adult Pathway is a means to help you move toward Christ-centered maturity - there is always a next right step.  We want to be a church where community is flourishing and people are personally connected to Jesus, serving and sharing Him with joy.

This pathway can help you identify some recommendations, no matter what phase of spiritual growth you find yourself, to help you navigate your journey to a fully-devoted life in Christ.  Learn more about the Adult Pathway.

Meet the team

The Elders provide spiritual oversight for the church, assuring that the church remains on a true course biblically.

The Trustees oversee the legal and financial aspects of the church and matters pertaining to facilities and staff employment. They have marketplace expertise which they use collectively to ensure that the church’s financial resources are being stewarded to advance God’s Kingdom.

The Staff directs the day-to-day affairs of the church. All ministries are coordinated by the staff, who work to use the spiritual gifts, efforts, and time of the many ministry volunteers and teams.

Here to serve

We believe we are most fulfilled when investing our gifts and energy into the lives of others. We are passionate about serving the global community and demonstrating God's love to others.


Whether in person or online, individually or in groups, within our church and around the world, we are focused on supporting and engaging in relationships that provide relief and restoration to a hurting world.

We partner with both local and global partners to maximize impact as we reach the world with the hope of Christ.

Find your tribe

You were designed by God to live in community. Now is the perfect time to join a Small Group, where you can be real and belong. Small Groups create a space for people to intentionally share their lives with others, grow spiritually together, and encourage each other through the highs and lows of life.

There are dozens of groups who connect in homes, coffee shops and parks each week. Find a group that works with your stage of life, interests, or schedule - and experience community and Christ's love along the way!

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