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Meet the Team

One of our core values is, "We are Equally Ministers of Jesus Christ." As Christ’s followers, we are each called to serve others through our unique spiritual giftedness. Through our elders, trustees, staff, and volunteers,  we do ministry in a way that speaks to our culture without compromising the truth of God’s Word. 

Under the oversight of the Board of Elders, we have multiple leadership structures in place which includes:

  1.  The Pastoral Leadership Council - includes Executive Director and staff Elders and help guide the day-to-day running of the church 

  2. The Joint Leadership Planning Team - includes members of the Elders, Trustees and Staff

  3. The Preaching/Teaching Team - contains representation from Pastors and Elders

Team members can also be found on each ministry's page, along with contact information or through these links.

Pastoral Staff & Teaching Team

Ministry Teams

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