Just became a Christian? Been one for a long time? Considering a small group but on the fence? Wondering what your next right step is in 2022?


Rooted is an opportunity to participate in a small group and experience Christian community in a healthy and safe environment. Together we explore questions about our faith such as:  Who is God? How does He speak to me? Why is there suffering? What makes me stumble? What is my purpose? How does the Holy Spirit impact me? We share our stories, explore our beliefs, pray for each other and serve together.

What to Expect

Rooted is not a Bible study or a book club. We have the privilege of practicing key rhythms that deepen our relationship with God. Each co-journeyer receives a book with daily readings from a global perspective. Once a week for 10 Monday evenings, there is central teaching and then there is intentional small group time. This is the place where the readings and teaching are discussed. When group members are not able to attend, they are missed. Your presence at every session is key – please make sure that you can attend every Monday.


In addition to the group conversations, the following experiences are strongly encouraged including:

  • A Prayer Retreat scheduled on October 1 from 9:00 – 11:30 am (Fasting is a part of the preparation for the retreat and is optional.)

  • A Service Project on October 22 that allows us to share the overflow of God’s love for us with others.

  • Communion will be celebrated during our last session.



Each of these rhythms or applied practices help us to learn more about God and our role in His story. By the end of our shared experience, co-journeyers will have a better sense of how God is speaking, personal purpose, use of prayer, fasting, serving and sharing life with others.


If you are interested in maturing your faith and taking definitive steps to strengthen your relationship with God, join us.  We look forward to meeting you!



Learn more from ROOTED founder, Kenton Beshore - personal study, group discussion and connection to each other and our community: