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Childcare Provider (Birth – 12 years old) 


Staff Liaison: Joy Thompson 


Ministry Mission: 

To raise up a generation of life-long disciples for Jesus Christ.    


Childcare Job Description: 

  1. Work under the leadership of the Staff Liaison and the Lead Childcare Provider 

  2. Pray for the children you will be teaching as you prepare and implement a scripted Bible lesson, which will be provided for you. 

  3. Arrive 30 minutes before your shift to ensure the room is set up the way you would like and to prepare to greet children as they arrive for care. 

  4. Join other childcare providers for prayer 20 minutes before the service/class begins. 

  5. Be able to work in teams of at least two people at all times, coordinate a provider to greet children and families as they arrive, sign them in and help them get settled.

  6. Start welcoming children into your classroom 15 minutes before the class begins.   

  7. Ensure that at least one provider is supervising children during intro activity/activities. 

  8. Begin each class time by discussing behavior expectations and an order of events for your time together.  Be prepared to reinforce expectations with appropriate consequences (see attached) 

    • Alert Lead Provider on duty of any parental communication needs (illness, behavior, extremely upset child, etc..).   

  9. As you implement the provided Bible lesson plan, please allow time for the children to pray and ask questions about what they are learning. Remember that equally important to what you say, is what you do (be sure to model for them a genuine commitment to Christ)

  10. Encourage fellow Childcare Providers who are serving with you about the importance of what they are doing.  Help them identity and use their gifts to connect with the children.  This includes, but is not limited to, working collaboratively to create a safe, Jesus-loving, fun environment for participants. 

  11. Coordinate one Childcare Provider (18 years or older) to oversee the checkout process at the conclusion of class. 

  12. Whenever possible, encourage the parents upon check-in and/or check-out about the progress you are seeing in their children’s spiritual development. 

  13. Help clean up room after the class is over.


Must complete the online application process which will include a background check for individuals 18 and over.   Applicants must be at least 15 years old and be able to provide a work permit. 


Spiritual Gifts: Teaching, Faith, Service, Patience, Leadership  

Talents/ Abilities: Able to help students have a deeper understanding of God’s word, challenge them to explore God’s word on their own, and get them excited about the person of Jesus Christ 

Time Commitment: Supporting DRCC Discipleship Classes and meetings as assigned. 

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