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offerings for adults


Our greatest desire is to introduce you to Jesus and see you grow into everything He has planned for you. We are asked to become mature in our relationship with Jesus: to become more like Him in our attitudes, focus and ultimately behavior. It’s not something that happens by accident or overnight, and it can’t be completed in a six-week class. This is a lifelong commitment to follow God with your whole self with the help of the Holy Spirit and His body, the Church - others who are walking in faith right beside you!

We believe that "Living the Five," as part of the Adult Pathway,
can help us grow into fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ:

  • Read the Bible & Pray

  • Serve and Give

  • Do Life Together

  • Share Jesus

  • Remove Barriers

Learn more about the Adult Pathway.

To help you along your journey of faith, we offer opportunities to learn new things, connect in community, and share the overflow of what God is doing in your life by serving others:



We offer learning experiences which are targeted and biblicaly-based. You can learn about baptism, the Bible, God, and faith. We recommend that everyone attend FirstStep, where you will meet new friends, learn about Damascus Road, and begin your faith journey. Care Groups are focused on overcoming life's struggles and loss.  Visit our Events Calendar for upcoming growth experiences or find a class now:



We believe that following Jesus is not a solo sport.  Experience community through Damascus Road Small Groups! Whether you are looking for a Men's, Women's, Couples, Singles, Parents or anything else that describes your preferences and state of life best, there is one that is just right for you!



Serving others not only helps our neighbors, but it makes us more like Jesus.  Damascus Road is committed to offer hope to local and global communities through partnering with non-profits and faith-based organizations. Together, we can multiply the impact!


New to Damascus Road?

We recommend FirstStep, a 3-part experience where you'll learn all about us, meet new friends, and find out all that's waiting for you!


Meet the Team

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