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Let's Celebrate Easter!
Sunday, April 17
8:30, 10 & 11:30am
ONLINE - 10am

It’s been two long years of a pandemic, the relentless march of a devastating virus, the loss of loved ones, the masks, lockdowns and quarantines. We have all felt the impact of it. Many in our world feel hopeless, confused and afraid. The story of Easter starts that way. On Friday, Jesus was dead, hope was lost, and the disciples were confused, scattered, and afraid. But then Sunday arrived! The stone was rolled away, the darkness was lifted, and Jesus rose from the dead.


Join us at Damascus Road Community Church this Easter for inspiring worship and a hope-filled message on how the good news of Jesus came in a messy world and how it can radically change your life now and forever. The tomb is empty and hope is alive! God’s invitation to a life full of peace, hope, and love is open to anyone who is willing to accept it.

Easter Week
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