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Interim Senior Pastor Announcement

The Elders are pleased to announce the appointment of Associate Pastor Mike Bernoi to interim Senior Pastor in accordance with Damascus Road bylaws. In the spirit of shared leadership, Mike will be partnering with our Executive Director, Jason Earle, to lead our staff and day to day operations of the church, under the oversight of the Elders. Our shared teaching approach and shared leadership teams will continue. Going forward, our leadership team will be assessing leadership structures as we prepare for pastoral hiring this year.

For additional details, you can access the following documents: 1) Interim Senior Pastor job description, 2) Mike Bernoi's bio, 3) Interim org structure.

If you desire to speak with an Elder or the Executive Director regarding any of these leadership transition, please fill out this form.

Please pray for Mike and the Damascus Road leadership team as we move forward in this new season. We’re grateful for your support and prayers!


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