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Leadership Structure Announcement

We’re excited to share that we’ll be continuing in our shared leadership model. You can attend a Townhall on February 20th at 7pm for more details and an opportunity to ask questions. This is will be in-person, but will also be available online for those who can't attend. Register here for the virtual (Zoom) option. See the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You can view the org structure here.

Who’s ultimately accountable in a multi-leader model?

One of the benefits of a multi-leader model is that the responsibility of leading a church is shared and that the different giftings of leaders are maximized. It also allows for even greater discernment and collaboration for significant decisions. Shared leadership and teaching have always been a core value at Damascus Road.
Clear roles are important for effectiveness and to avoid unnecessary conflict. The Human Capital Committee (HCC) along with senior staff and the Elders have created role definitions and a process for conflict resolution.
Ultimately, the Elder Board is responsible for the spiritual health and fulfillment of the vision. Amongst the staff Senior Leadership Team (SLT), there are areas of individual ownership as well as areas of joint ownership as they lead the church under the oversight of the Elder Oversight Team (EOT).

What is the Senior Leadership Team (SLT)?

What does this mean for the teaching team?

Will the congregation be involved in this process?

Why do we believe this is a New Testament model?

What other churches are doing this?

Isn’t it more standard and easier to have a Sr Pastor?

How do we ensure effectiveness with so many different speakers on Sundays?

What has our process been?


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