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2023 Congregational Meeting Q&A Follow Up

1) What’s the plan for pastoral hiring?

Our focus over the past few months has been clarifying and solidifying our interim leadership structure. You can view the interim org chart in the following blog post: Over the summer, our Elders and leader circles will be discussing where we want to be in the next few years and how that should shape the profile of our next pastoral hire. We will kick-off the process this fall and will provide updates as we move forward.

2) What’s happening to our second campus plans?

3) Why are some areas of the budget increasing when their YTD spending didn’t come close to that of this year’s budget?

4) I’d be interested in knowing what the roles of different leaders are. Also, are we looking to hire a senior pastor and an associate pastor?

5) Budgeted revenues for current year at $3.8M. Budget revenues for next year at $3.47M. What is the decrease of $238K in revenue based upon?

6) In the spirit of transparency, why isn’t there a breakdown of staff salaries?

8) Was there a major decline of revenues during the COVID years?

9) Where is the new campus to be located?

10) Our childcare budget is not fully used (it seems). Please comment on the provision of childcare going forward.

11) Why is the FY24 total missions budget significantly more than the FY23 spending – even through the FY23 budgeted amount was not spent?

12) Why was the budget for translation, interpretation, events cut from $15,000 to $5,000?

13) While the church leadership is making plans for the future, how are women and people of color being represented?

14) Please explain the ~$4000 increase in Payroll & Benefits Administration (assuming this is not increase in salaries).


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